Communicating with parents during COVID-19

4 empathetic things to say to parents who are bearing the brunt of managing work and family fronts

Parents all across Singapore may find it tough this circuit breaker period. Having to juggle work (or quieten fears of a potential job loss) along with their kids’ home-based learning can be extremely difficult.

If you are a pastor or small-group leader, here are four empathetic points you can include in conversations or a text/ email message to parents who are feeling stretched this season.

1. You’re not in this alone

If you’re trying to juggle working from home and overseeing your kids schooling at home, WE FEEL YOU and we want you to know that you’re not in this alone.

We want to know if your job or business has been at all affected by the recent social distancing measures. We want to know if anyone in your family is unwell or if you have any physical, financial or medical needs or need help navigating anxiety or mental health challenges.

2. Make the best of this time, but it’s not about perfection

All of the other kids and families are in the same boat, this season isn’t about perfection, it’s about making the best of what we’ve got and loving each other along the way 🙂

3. Draw near to God and to one another

Now is the time to draw near to God. Praying first thing in the morning, praying at the end of the day, making sure you’re taking time to journal, read your bible and pour out your feelings and worries to God. Let’s fill our houses with worship music and be standing on the word of God!

4. This, too, will pass

This season won’t last forever and God is still in control. God isn’t surprised by COVID-19, and God is still here for us and our lives are still safe in his hands even in the midst of this storm. God still cares for you and your family and he is our ever-present help in times of need!

There you have it… four simple points to help convey empathy and provide direction during an uncertain period.

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