4 Foundational Questions for your Worship Team

Originally shared by Hillsong’s Jad Gillies, these 4 questions are great for Worship ministry heads to ground the team in the “Why” of service.

Every now and then, it’s a healthy practice for worship teams to go on a fact-finding mission to re-discover the “why” of serving, which may be lost in the rhythm of weekly rehearsals or the overwhelm of learning new music.

In other words, “The why must drive the how”, said Jad Gillies in an online sharing with APCCS.

  1. Why do we have worship leaders/ musicians?
  2. Why do you lead worship/ play (your instrument)?
  3. Why do people come to church?
  4. What is required of a worship leader/ musician?

One of the answers to the first question is simply – people need leadership, according to Jad.

The practicalities of having worship in a congregational setting means that as people worship, they look to being led. And sometimes when you have newcomers entering a church service for the first time, it’s a person they can take cues from.

As to the age-old question of what’s required of a worship leader or musician, Jad’s take is that the important qualities are: inclusivity, encouragement, leadership, sensitivity, being able to lead people and connect with them.

The wonderful thing about this set of questions is that it creates a focal point for your discussion and gives you clues about the kind of culture that is being created among worship team members.

If you’re interested in the full discussion – Check out the full video here or grab the transcript of the session.

Including these questions in your team meeting

If you have a regular monthly (or bi-monthly) meet-up with your worship team, here’s how you can consider including the discussion questions in your meeting agenda spanning 90 minutes.

  • Open with prayer and short time of worship (15 mins)
  • Word or sharing from Worship Director (15 mins)
  • Discussion – incorporating the 4 questions (15 mins)
  • Small-group development and prayer for one another (15 mins)
  • Debrief time on past services/ Housekeeping matters and decisions to be made (15 mins)
  • Announcements and upcoming events (15 mins)
  • End with prayer, food & fellowship
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