APCCS helps churches connect and share best practices in various aspects of church operations and ministry. We believe that to be one of the most practical ways we can serve local churches.

Contact APCCS for a visit to New Life Community Church. The team is more than happy to take you through their setup and share practical tips on what’s worked for them – so that you can creatively work out what works for your church.

Here’s an outline of what could possibly be covered during a visit. 

Broadcast System Equipment and Setup

Basic overall setup for both sanctuaries
Static camera + roving camera (Main sanctuary)
PTZ camera (Chinese church sanctuary)
Camera equipment
Video switchers + recorders
Live-streaming encoders & platforms
Communication set (walkie-talkies and beyond)

Integration with other Areas of Service

Working with lights, media/ live projectionist, sound team
Media overlays setup
Tips and tricks using one board/ system to send out different mix for live audience & broadcast

Communication Set During Live Service

Communication sets
Show caller/ producer role
Directors role
Livestream operators role

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