Site Visits Weekend Services

The main weekend service serves as a central experience of church life. It involves everyone – volunteers, church members, first-time visitors, pastors and leaders – coming together to worship God and care for one another. 

If you’re keen to observe how other APCCS churches organise their weekend services, you’re welcome to drop us a line! We can help arrange a visit to a complementary church so that you can adapt ideas to serve your church community. 

What you can observe:

  • Behind-the-scenes logistics for a worship service 
  • Welcoming worshippers to church (the roles of ushers, guest central team)
  • Main service format and flow
  • Implementing MCCY’s Phase 3 guidelines in relation to service flow, zoning, managing flow of worshippers according to guidelines, pick-up and drop-off kids at Sunday School

Sample Itinerary (1.5 hours)

  • 4.30 pm   Tour of facilities and introduction
  • 4.55 pm   Proceed to main auditorium 
  • 5.00 pm   Service starts
  • 5.30 pm   Exit to see Children’s Church / Sunday School
  • 5.45 pm   Back to auditorium to observe dismissal

(The itinerary above assumes a 5pm worship service start on a Saturday. Timing and itinerary can be customised.) 

Dates available

Ongoing. If you’re interested, leave your details with us at and we’ll help to arrange for a site visit. Questions? Email or WhatsApp +65 8893 1450