Preaching to a camera takes some getting used to, but just as with other skills, it can be improved. Pastor Trisha Khoo from Covenant Vision Christian Church shares a couple of points she has learned in her journey preaching online.


#1 Keep preaching points succinct 

We definitely need to be more succinct and the flow of the message needs to be clear. 


#2. Visuals help to anchor

Having visuals like slides help the online audience to focus on the preaching points, thus increasing engagement. 


#3. Speed up (slightly)

Especially for an online audience, talking speed needs to increase to keep the listener engaged. Take note that some people may be listening while driving or watching on their phones on the MRT – they would lack the full visual context that your onsite audience has.


#4. Maintain eye contact

If I can keep eye contact with the camera (online audience), it helps retain attention.


#5. Movement on stage

We also have to be aware of how much we move on stage. The camera person who is on duty may need time to follow your movements and keep you within frame.


#6. Watch the rerun

Always watch a rerun of yourself if services are recorded, so you can see how you can improve. 


#7. Always do a sound check

Especially with the face shield, there can be feedback depending on what mic you use, and this means distractions for the online audience. 


#8. Prep makes all the difference

I have had to set aside more time for preparation and practice. There are no real short cuts with regards to this… but the time invested into prep will make a world of difference for the online audience.