To shape a prophetic culture, carve out a physical space – advises Dan McCollam, who co-founder of the Bethel School of supernatural Worship.


Dan McCollam serves as international director of Sounds of the Nations missions organization and on the leadership team of his local church, The Mission, in Vacaville, California. He is passionate about people having God-encounters and operates with the persuasion that “one real encounter with God changes everything!”. It’s a persuasion that he traces back to his own encounter with Jesus in a personal way, amid growing up in a conservative religious environment.

Today, Dan teaches and trains believers worldwide in prophecy and the supernatural lifestyle. Singapore is a nation that he has visited many times to conduct prophetic training workshops under Activate School of Prophecy, which he founded, and also to equip believers in prophetic worship.

Dan also teaches at Bethel School of Prophets and Bethel School of Supernatural Worship at Redding, California. (Fun fact: Dan plays 40 instruments and counts the guzheng as one of his favourites!)

APCCS catches up with Dan to talk about how pastors can create a culture within their churches where the prophetic is valued.


1. What is one thing that pastors can do to create a culture within their churches where the prophetic is valued?

I think having a definite place (venue) where the prophetic can function is a strong way to demonstrate your support of prophetic community. At my home church, we do targeted prophetic ministry once a month at the end of services.

Hundreds of people wait in line to be prophetically encouraged and it builds attendance for the local church service. People say, “come this Sunday and you can hear what God is speaking to you.” You don’t have to use our pattern but you need to create some defined place where the prophetic is demonstrated and valued.


2. Do you have any advice on how pastors could mentor prophetic people in their congregations? 

Prophetic people are mentored much the same as any believer but, there are two areas of specialty are as follows: Firstly, prophetic people especially need strong foundations in the scripture to help them interpret their impressions.

Secondly, prophetic people are healthiest in community so they also need good people and communication skills. We also do regular activation trainings in prophetic gifting and ministry to keep our team members growing and sharp.


3. What does the prophetic community look like in our generation? 

More people are prophesying right now on the earth than any time in history! This is part of the fulfilment of the promise of God pouring His spirit out on all flesh and the sons and daughters prophesy.

I believe today’s prophetic community is not just pointing out problems but seeking solutions. The prophetic is a building and blessing tool to help manifest his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Today’s prophets are focused of redemption and reconciliation as they access the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden for us in the person of Jesus Christ.


4. You frequently travel around the world to teach about the prophetic. Do you see any misconceptions around the world of what the expression a prophetic community should entail?

Many nations have a wrong idea of what the prophetic is. Prophetic is not the same as fortune telling or psychics. People often come up to us around the world and say, “I’m getting ready to make a change in my business and I want to know what God is saying about it. I’m in a relationship and I want to know what God is saying.”

Prophetic ministry is different from prophetic consulting. Prophetic ministry is to encourage, comfort, or strengthen a believer. Prophetic ministry may or may not contain information that directly pertains to your current situation.

Prophetic consulting is the act of meeting with a trained professional to together inquire of the Lord. Consulting is less of a monologue of ministry and more of a discussion together with probing questions and wise insights. There are different parameters and protocols for each type of ministry. Prophetic ministry is open to everyone but prophetic consulting is specialised set of professional gifts and training.

Neither type of ministry takes away the believer’s responsibility to test and judge prophecy against the written word of God and God’s character and nature. Nor is prophetic ministry meant to make a person a mediator, or lessen a person’s relationship or access to God.